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Coombe House School

Relationship and Values

Ours is a school built on relationships and community because we believe these values are vital to our pupils education and their personal development. From our family of parents, teachers and young people to the relationships that extend long after the journey at Coombe House School comes to an end, ours is a community with a lifelong commitment.

From before their very first day, we begin building relationships. The support we offer continues as our pupils progress and grow through the learning experiences they enjoy here.

“A school built on relationships and community”


We recognise that many of our pupils find it challenging to learn, communicate and socialise. Thanks to the calibre and expertise of our staff, we channel energy and spirit to help our young people develop the confidence to engage, make choices and play their part in school life.

We build confidence together, through learning and play, exploration and discovery. Group activities are open, trusted spaces where pupils can allow their self-awareness, independence and mutual respect to flourish.

“Where the path to emotional intelligence and confidence begins”