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Coombe House School

A unique and special place


Coombe House School, part of the Dorset Centre of Excellence, is a truly unique and special place. All pupils who attend the school have an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan). Coombe House School provides a unique, individualised program of education for all our pupils.

We want the Coombe House journey to enrich and empower each pupil to take bold and brave steps into their futures. We want our pupils to have the skills for life and independence that will allow them to reach their full potential and overcome challenges with strength and resilience. Our expert team of classroom staff will ensure pupils are supported to overcome their barriers to learning in a safe and nurturing environment, where understanding and compassion underpins our every decision.

We are delighted that we can offer excellent teaching and learning opportunities to our children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in this incredible location. Our personalised curriculum will support pupils as they thrive academically, emotionally and socially.

We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our pupils and parents and want to ensure Coombe House School provides lifelong memories of exceptional experiences and success.

We hope you enjoy reading about Coombe House School and discovering what makes this such a special place. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Coombe House School

Special educational excellence and personalised learning experiences

Coombe House School is a special school for young people with complex needs and learning challenges aged from 5-19 years. We provide the very highest quality education and care in the heart of 55 acres of woodland, with historic and modern buildings and open green spaces.

Our approach delivers special educational excellence, evidence-based best practice and personalised learning experiences that meet the specific needs of every pupil. Our teaching and support teams share a mutual belief that educational needs and disability should never be a barrier to a fulfilling life.

We’re fortunate to have a stimulating range of modern, specialist learning environments and wonderful outdoor spaces for exploration and discovery. We utilise these resources with a rich, balanced curriculum that develops both academic and social skill sets as young people engage with others and share experiences together.

We know that moving to a new school placement can sometimes be challenging, so we work closely with young people and their families to offer all the support they need as they start their journey at Coombe House School. The relationships we forge and the support we offer, continue as our pupils progress, grow and become empowered through the learning experiences they enjoy here.

Please take a moment to read about the core values that underpin the education we provide and the promise we make to every pupil to help them live their best possible lives.

Values and Ethos

We will:

Provide an individualised education that meets the needs of every pupil.

We promise to equip pupils with the essential life skills, knowledge and qualifications to embark on the next stage of their life’s journey with confidence and as much independence as possible.

Develop long-lasting relationships and a strong school community.

Ours is a school built on relationships because we believe this is vital to our pupils education and their personal development. Strong relationships allow us to build trust and a sense of belonging that brings together our community of pupils, parents and school staff.

We believe the most rewarding learning experiences are those delivered in a compassionate and nurturing setting. When young people are in our care, we will ensure they feel safe, secure and are given the very best opportunity to achieve their potential.

Be open and honest at all times.

We know how important it is for our pupils and their parents to have complete trust in their school. By creating a culture of openness and honesty, we hope to inspire self-belief, positivity and the confidence that what we do at Coombe House School will bring out the very best in any every young person.