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Coombe House School

Our school is part of the wider Dorset Centre of Excellence and is supported by the wider resources of the company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dorset Council.

Leadership Team

The headteacher is supported by a deputy head and two assistant heads. They work with the wider staff group to ensure that the school runs effectively on a day to day basis.

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Teaching Team

Our teaching team have a wide range of backgrounds from special education to primary and secondary schools. They have one thing in common, a genuine desire to build effective working relationships with our young people and share the best educational experience possible with them.

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School Support Team

Our whole staff is part of the wider support team for our young people. We employ a whole range of staff from different backgrounds to support the learning experiences of young people. From the classroom to the playground, everything is a learning experience and we have a dedicated and professional team supporting young people.

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Therapy Team

Here at Coombe House School, we offer therapeutic support for pupils at a universal, targeted and specialist level. Our aim is to support pupils to achieve their full potential whilst at Coombe House School, leading to fulfilling and enriching lives at school and beyond. The Therapy Team work closely together to ensure that all pupils are supported in the school environment at a level that is appropriate to them.

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